About us
and Kilda

We met each other in 2004 when we started our studies in Tampere. While Mari learned to photoshop and illustrate, Jyri focused on designing websites. It wasn't until the end of our studies when we got to know each other a little better, dancing our feet sore in indie discos, cooking food and binging Gilmore Girls.

We moved to Helsinki in 2011. Mari started her masters in Aalto Media Lab and Jyri worked as a freelancer, moving his design focus slowly from web to identities and printed materials.

Kilda is Jyri and Mari

In 2014, we gave birth to our very own graphic design studio and named it Kilda. With experience of designing identities, websites, illustrations, books, mobile applications, infographics, campaigns and all sorts of printed materials, we consider ourselves to be multidisciplinary in the very sense of the word.

Spending almost every 24 hours of the day together allows us to share our hopes and dreams as well as our fears and stresses. Together we are better, bolder, stronger and happier – as a couple and as a company.